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Starting at $49 $29/month*

Site Design

1 - 5 Pages - USD 199

6 - 10 Pages - USD 299

11+ Pages


* Does not include costs of purchased images or assets.
** Does not apply to e-commerce sites - contact us for an estimation.


All basics for a fine-tuned light / profile site


Normally $49

1 eMail Account



Shared Hosting

Site Load Optimization


Analytics Setup & Visitor Reports

Maintenance / Updates / Backups


For small sized / conversion tracking companies


Normally $139

All in Essential +

5 eMail Accounts

E-Commerce Sites

Google Hosting / Shared IP

Conversions Setup & Monthly Reports

Online Chat Interface


Web reliant, highly competitive industries.


Normally not available

All in Plus +

20 eMail Accounts

Multi-Language Sites

Google Hosting / Dedicated IP

Google DNS

Google CDN

Guaranteed >90 Google PSI Score

Continual Optimization Strategy

CDN: A content delivery network is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers. The closest your web-server is to your visitors the faster your site loads, imagine having servers all around the globe.
SSL: Secure Sockets Layer is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network. It ensures no one will be able to intercept communications between your visitors and your site.
Shared Hosting: A popular hosting arrangement in which a few sites share hardware resources resulting in significantly lower costs, in exchange for potentially higher loading times during peak traffic.
Site load optimization: We setup your DNS, CDN, server cache, optimize your images and codes aiming to achieve the fastest possible site speed for the available hardware infrastructure.
Anti-Spam: An included third party service that filters out known spam sources and messages from your contact forms resulting in practically spam free sites.
Analytics / Visitor reports: We setup Google Analytics and send monthly reports to your inbox of your visitors activity.
Maintenance / Updates / Backups: We perform all required maintenance to your site, including application updates to ensure it keeps performing at its peak and keep external backups for security redundancy.
Included E-Mail Accounts: All our plans include at least one e-mail account so you can start e-mailing from @yoursite. *We recommend upgrading to G-Suite for higher e-mailing performance.
E-Commerce Sites: Got an e-shop to run? we get your top sales-agent up and running so you can focus on your products and strategy.
Google Hosting: Google not only has the largest search engine, also boasts one of the largest, fastest and most globally available network of servers in which they host high performance sites no matter your location.
Analytics / Conversions reports: We setup your conversions and lead funnels to measure each of your pages effectiveness in turning visitors into leads and customers.
Online Chat Interface: When's the best time to engage your leads? When they are surfing your site, learning about your products. Let them chat directly with your team so they close the deal.
Multi-language sites: These are more complex and time-consuming to develop and maintain. We setup a responsive, high performance site so your visitors language is not an obstacle to your success.
Dedicated IP: An other speed boosting factor which also protects you against problems caused by other websites on shared IP's, reserved only to a small percenage of high-end sites.
PSI Score: Speed is an increasingly important factor in Google ranking. PageSpeed is how Google evaluates sites and their testing tool is available at PageSpeed Insights « How we do.
Continual Improvement Strategy

Our flagship service consists in recurrently testing 2 versions of each landing page and section, measuring the conversion rate of each version and keeping only the highest converting ones. This ensures a pathway towards increased leads and sales on every landing page.

Having an effective website goes beyond one that looks nice. This is complex stuff.
We learnt it so you don't need to.

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